“One of the most exquisite experiences of my life.”

George F. White, MD and wine collector, Ohio, USA

"The experience of Extreme Wine is second only to my honeymoon with my wife in 1973. There is no way to improve it for learning. It was a privilege to be exposed to so many wonderful wines, food pairing at meals, fascinating company and superb training."

Heather Falb, Author, Orange County, California

"One of the most exquisite experiences of my life, this five-day immersion program is an exceptional way to learn about wine, literally from the ground up. My understanding of wine before I studied with Extreme Wine was basic, yet this changed drastically by the time I took my exam on the last day (and passed with Merit, thanks to our instructors Nick and Clive, world-renowned wine experts/masters)."

Richard Portes CBE, Professor of Economics, London Business School

"The programme was terrific… [Karen] and Nicole deserve huge credit for the organisation. And of course, that includes getting Clive and Nick, who were just about perfect. John, the other staff, all were first-class. Nicole's attention to detail and her taste are a major part of what makes La Verrière so good."

Helena Chlepnac, Owner and Founder of Sushi Fusion, Zurich

"Extreme Wine was everything it claims to be and so much more. Although at first sight it seems like a lot of money, now that I have completed Extreme Wine I realize that it is worth every cent!! In fact, if I could, I would pay to do the course all over again next year!"

Jeremy Scott, Partner, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, London

"Whilst an experienced drinker of wines and someone who has visited wineries in a fair number of countries, I was searching for a course that would help me understand more about individual grapes and wine and wine-producing regions through the tasting experience. Extreme Wine gave me all that I was hoping for and more, from the moment that I drove out of the tree-lined track on the ridge and gained the stunning vista of La Verrière, the vineyards, house and winery…. Extreme Wine delivered, delivered and kept delivering."

Ann Ross, Fashion designer & Founder of Leggiadro, NYC

"No words can justly describe the experience. The food was fabulous; our instructors were so kind and helpful; the wine selection was wonderful. I know we all enjoyed the week immensely! Bravo to Nicole and her team."

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