“An extreme experience, with '(oe)no limit', it most certainly is... It is a true reflexion of...the highest calibre instructors.”

"A stimulating, salon-like, atmosphere... the knowledge and confidence gained during the course will remain with you"
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"Many people sign up for wine courses around the world to improve their knowledge and appreciation of fine wine. But generally, although they find these courses enjoyable, they are often ineffectual for long-term learning and retention. With the help of several of the top wine educators in the world we are determined to deliver the absolute best possible short but intensive wine course for enthusiasts offered anywhere on the globe. Extreme Wine is designed to be unique. It aims to bring together the best elements of all the various styles of courses: the experienced instructors and prestigious wines of the auction-house courses, the rigorous approach of the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET), and the fun of friendly tasting events at other less-structured venues. It then goes way beyond." — Nicole Rolet, founder and host.

What is it?

Extreme Wine is our signature annual wine course, launched in 2008, a five-day "full-immersion" experience ideally suited to wine enthusiasts of all levels who are keen to improve their wine knowledge and tasting skills in the most lasting, effective and enjoyable way.

When is it?

Extreme Wine WSET
Level 2

21st - 27th June 2023

Beyond Extreme WSET
Level 3

2nd - 9th Sept 2023

Bespoke courses at other times are available upon request according to the availability of the instructors.

Where is it?

Extreme Wine is set at La Verrière, a medieval priory in Provence recently renovated to the highest international standards of comfort and luxury and home to award-winning Chêne Bleu wines. It includes a dedicated teaching facility, state-of-the-art tasting room, working vineyard and winery to complement classroom instruction. "What sets it apart" writes Stimpfig "isn't just the first-class instruction but also the hands-on opportunities in the vineyard, winery and tasting rooms."

Who is it for?

People with high standards who are motivated to close the "Wine Gap". Many enthusiasts of all levels wish they knew more about wine. Some are motivated to improve their knowledge, tasting skills or confidence rapidly, but lack the time for a long course.

Which wines are covered?

All the world's major wine regions, grape types and styles. You taste, discuss and analyze many of the world's finest, most impressive and highly treasured vintages under the guidance of eminent instructors and even the renowned winemakers themselves.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the level of accommodation and sharing arrangements. Click here for current rate information.

How do I get more information?

Read the Course and the Q&A sections for more information, contact us to request a detailed brochure by email or post, or call so we can help you decide if this is the course for you.

If you would like a firsthand report from others who have been to La Verrière and done the course, we'll gladly put you in touch with previous Extreme Wine participants. Click here for current rates information.

The Course